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Alpha Car Rental is a tourism transport company based in Mauritius. We are a car rental provider that provides the best Mauritius car rental experience to its customers.

If you want to go for a drive and do not want to spend a lot of money with the Taxi then this Mauritius car hire service can be convenient. We offer the best services at very affordable prices.

Alpha Car Rental has many cars. People can choose the type of vehicle they need. The vehicles provided are fully insured including driver as well as passengers. We also offer a baby seat and GPS service. Just mention it when booking.

Renting a car in Mauritius is very popular. You can easily book it before you arrive in Mauritius or during your stay. Our Mauritius car rental service take care of your holidays. Make your vacation a memory for a lifetime.

  1. The tenant is responsible for the vehicle which is in his / her custody.
  2. When delivering the vehicle, you must have in possession your passport, international driving license that is dated more than one year and a valid credit card must be presented as proof.
  3. The vehicle will only be driven by the persons whose names appear on the contract. The insurance does not cover drivers whose names are not included in the contract.
  4. Fuel is the responsibility of the tenant, who also has the responsibility to use the proper fuel. If the reverse is produced the customer will be charged all of his deposit. When returning the vehicle the fuel must be returned to the same quantity as the delivery. Otherwise the customer will be fractured for the remainder of the fuel.
  5. The tenant is solely responsible in case of a puncture, damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle, tires or rims or hubcap, vandalism, ice breakage or loss of keys. Damage to the tires is the responsibility of the customer.
  6. Any damage to, or loss of, personal belongings that would be left in the car, are not covered by insurance.
  7. During the rental if there is a mechanical problem or if a malfunction is indicated on the dashboard, the customer must stop the car immediately and must inform the Alpha Car rental company of the incident.
  8. In the case of a responsible accident or in the case of an accident where the customer is not at fault but cannot identify the adverse responsible party for the damage and the car is put in an unusable state where it cannot resume the journey; The owner will not replace the damaged car for the remainder of the duration of the contract and the customer will be lumped (i) of his deposit (ii) of the unused portion of the rental.
  9. The tenant must not repair or replace parts in non-approved garages by Alpha Car.
  10. Prices are calculated per 24 hours. If the return time is later than the pick-up time, you will be charged an extra day.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the car. On return, if there is burning on the seat of the car, the customer will be fractured the entire deposit.
  12. If the delivery is at the hotel the tenant must ensure that our agent can access the main entrance of the hotel.
  13. The delivery and recovery of the vehicle is free at the airport only. For delivery to the hotel or other destination, there is a traveling fee of 20 - 35 Euros extra depending on the distance.
  14. Another car of the same category will be delivered if the required car is not available.
  15. 20% of the total amount must be paid at the time of booking. Payment can be made by bank transfer. Alpha Car does not cover bank charges. In the case of payment by credit card a fee of 4 - 5% of the entire fracturing will be taxed.
    The balance will be paid upon collection of keys in cash or by credit card. If the customer wants to pay the balance when booking through PayPal, a surcharge of 4.5% of the amount will be charged as bank charges. It is the same if the client is paying by credit card on the delivery. The exchange rate for the Euro is 1 Euro = Rs 40 (MUR)
  16. When booking if the down payment or the total amount is not paid within 48 hours, Alpha Car has the right to cancel the reservation.
  17. All cancellations must be made 15 days before the start of the rental and the deposit will be refunded. Alpha Car does not cover bank charges, transfer fees will be borne by the customer.
  18. If the rental is canceled less than 15 days before the start of the rental the deposit will not be refunded.
  19. No refund for Cancellations without notice.
    Failure to report at the time of booking without notice is considered a cancellation without warning.
  20. If the client shortens his rental, the remaining days will not be refunded.
  21. An imprint of the tenant's credit card is taken separately for the deposit which is between 500 Euro and 625 Euro, depending on the category of the car. The imprint is returned at the pickup of the car, subject to damage, if any.
  22. In case of accident the vehicle must not be used without the authorization of the rental company.
  23. In the event of a responsible accident as well as theft, we are obliged to charge you the entire insurance deposit.
  24. In case of accident, or the tenant is in a state of drunkenness or serious negligence, the client will not be covered by the insurance and will be lump sum of his deposit.
  25. The tenant is responsible for any violation or breach of traffic rules during the period of the rental car.
  26. If you do not show up with the car in the recovery, you will lump-sum of your insurance deposit.
  27. At the time of taking and returning the vehicle, the customer must be present.
  28. If the car is in a condition that requires cleaning, this will be charged between 10 € and 20 € depending on the condition of the car, and if there are spots on the cushion/s, the charge will be 35 €.