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Toyota Vitz

This is probably one of the most common cars in Mauritius today, the Toyota Vitz is a model that is here to stay. This city is the perfect car to go to town and go to every corner of the island.

A very spacious car

The most surprising thing about the Toyota Vitz is how spacious the interior is. Although it seems very compact on the outside, the Toyota Vitz seems to have as much space inside as an ordinary salon car. There is a lot of room, especially at the front. The car also seems open and airy, especially for the driver because the dashboard is in the center of the car. The seats are very comfortable especially in the front.

Fuel consumption

When it comes to fuel consumption, it’s hard to complain. This car has excellent fuel economy for an automatic. The consumption is on average 12 to 13 km per liter in city of which 40% due to air conditioning. These figures are better than average for an automatic transmission car.

Overall performance

The car is fun to drive and very comfortable. The driving sensation and feedback are much better than those of another Toyota. The brakes are also particularly effective with the ABS function.

In conclusion

The Toyota Vitz is a very good car to own in the category of city cars. This will give you comfortable city driving, good mileage and a lot of driving satisfaction.

  • Car type: City Car
  • Max people: 5
  • Door count: 5
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Air-conditioned? Yes
  • Unlimited mileage? Yes