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Central Mauritius

Central Mauritius

Visit of the natural sites in the center of Mauritius

Discovery of the crater of Trou aux cerfs volcano

Curepipe City tour

Sacred Lake of Hindus (The Grand Basin)

Black River Gorges

Lunch in Chamarel.

7 colored earth

View on the South West coast.

Troux aux Cerfs


On the road that connects Floréal to Curepipe, is Trou Aux Cerfs, an old crater 300m in diameter, witnessed the volcanic activity that occurred a few million years ago on the island. This crater offers excellent views of all the surrounding areas; to the west you can see the Rempart mountain, also called “Trois Mamelles” and in the north-west the Saint Pierre mountain. The crater itself is rich in vegetation, consisting of large pine trees as well as other plant species.



Located between the Piton of Petite-Rivière-Noire and Savanne mountains, here is the Plaine-Champagne plateau which rises 750 meters above sea level. This pure and original place will enchant you with its lush vegetation (ebony, camphor tree, mat or banana tree …).

Take the road from Plaine-Champagne to Chamarel along its small paths, it will take you to the spectacular falls of Alexandra Falls. This is worth seeing.

Once up there, expect a superb panoramic view of these waterfalls and the Gorges of Grande-Rivière-Noire, with an impressive view of the valley and the Montagne-du-Rempart. If you want to drink or simply eat. Stop by the restaurant La Varangue-sur-Morne.

Chamarel and the Seven colored Earth


It is between Black River and the Pointe du Morne that is the small Creole village of Chamarel, famous for its coffee and of course for its 7 Colored earth.

A winding path lined with coffee trees, heading south towards Baie-du-Cap, will take you to its astonishing lands.

But before anything, a stop is essential on the road, to admire the spectacular waterfalls of Chamarel. They will captivate you with their beauty.

And just a mile further, you will finally arrive at its famous Land of Seven Colors. Formed by volcanic ash and splendidly carved, they have the particularity to be multicolored. These virgin and wavy dunes present colors with soft contrasts (brown, orange, pink, mauve, ocher, yellow …).



Take a trip to Lake Grand Bassin, the most sacred of Mauritians, of Hindu faith.

Nestled 600 meters away, this place of worship surrounded by small temples occupies the crater of an extinct volcano.

If you are in the area during the month of February, for the Maha Çivaratree festival, you will have the opportunity to see many Hindu pilgrims pray, worship and make offerings to the deities.

The waters of the lake like those of the Ganges in India are a symbol of purification and you will not fail to find many faithful to “dive” in this water.

Magical place sprinkled with mystery, this site deserves to be visited.

2 – 4 persons = 35 Euro/person

5 – 10 persons = 25 Euro/person

11 – + persons = 20 Euro/person

Enfant 3 – 12 ans = 12 Euro/person