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Excursions to the South of the Island

Excursions to the South of the Island

The Route du The is a rewarding journey to the heart of a traditional Mauritius.

The Tea Route


The Tea Route is an amazing “gastronomic and cultural journey” that takes place in three stages and three different places. It traces the traditional and colonial life of Mauritius.

The Domaine des Aubineaux.


Located in Forest Side, very close to Curepipe, this colonial house was built in 1872.

Completely restored, this house was mainly made of ebony wood. You will appreciate its bedroom with French-style furniture as well as its rosewood armchairs and can also contemplate its mahogany furniture in its dining room.

Also cross its beautiful hall full of pictures of families and do not forget to take a ride in its beautiful glazed floor.

Finally, stroll through the Jardin des Camphriers where plane trees, eucalyptus and fig trees await you and end with a tasting in the tea room.

Then continue your way to the Bois-Chéri tea factory.


Just between Grand-Blois and Grand-Bassin lies the famous agricultural region of Bois-Chéri. It is here that is planted and produces the famous tea of ​​Mauritius, known internationally.

You will begin your visit by the Factory where you will be able to attend the different manufacturing processes (harvesting of leaves, drying …). Then go for a walk in his tea museum, where you will retrace his history.

Finally, stop by the Chalet for sumptuous cookies and a delicious cup of tea. A real treat.

Finish your visit at Domaine de Saint-Aubin.


At the other end of the Island, near Rivières-des-Anguilles, here is the Domaine de Saint-Aubin. This splendid residence of the 19th century, will welcome you by making a small stop in its Greenhouses of Vanilliers and Anthuriums. You will find beautiful colors (orange, white, dark red …).

After that, head to the Maison du Rhum for a little tasting and do not forget to finish by the Maison de la Vanille.

If you wish, you can finally stop for a lunch at the Table d’Hôte Le Saint-Aubin. With the menu, succulent dishes (Chicken Creole or Vanilla, fruit sorbets, mousse with coconut …).

Vanilla Crocodile Park


Close to the village of Rivière-des-Anguilles is the Vanilla Crocodile Park, unofficially known as La Vanille Reserve des Mascarene.

This park was formerly a vanilla plantation which was converted in 1984 into a crocodile breeding park by Australian zoologist Owen Griffiths and his wife from Mauritius. The first crocodiles, one male and four females, were imported from Madagascar and the park now has other species of animals such as wild boars, monkeys, deer, giant tortoises, bats and even skinks. of Round Island. For the enjoyment of visitors who love nature, trails pass through tropical vegetation dotted with palm trees and in places with small streams. They are drawn to allow the discovery of this wildlife. For the less adventurous, a showroom includes specimens of Mascarene reptiles, such as the true green chameleon and one of the largest species of lizard.

Stroll through tropical greenery where exotic plants, palm trees, giant bamboos, banana trees, freshwater ponds and, of course, thousands of crocodiles of different sizes. Babies a few centimeters up to 6 meters long. Very impressive, when you approach it.

As you visit, you will also meet bats, deer, iguanas, eels, toads, mongooses … A real little zoo.

Do not miss his giant tortoises in freedom and that you will be able to caress. More than 300 Aldabra turtles from Seychelles in their pens.

Discover another great pleasure, that of the Insectarium where are exposed insects and butterflies, one of the most beautiful collections in the world that will amaze you by its colors and its 20 000 species.

For the bravest of the most hungry and hungry, come to eat in his restaurant and enjoy his main dish: “The Crocodile”.