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Shopping in Mauritius

Shopping in Mauritius

Gifts, souvenirs, clothes and other accessories to bring from Mauritius in duty free.
Enjoy your trip to Mauritius to redo your wardrobe: indeed, the island has clothing factories of major brands. Report cashmere items and sarongs. Very typical, the models of boats, and especially the dodo, emblematic animal of the island, which decorates many artisanal objects. There are many duty-free shops, especially jewelery shops.
To extend your Mauritius holiday back home, slip into your suitcase the enchanting scents of spices, tamarind salt and vanilla tea. Among the products preferred by tourists are:
– Ready to Wear
– Wool and Cashmere
– Hand Embroidered Linen – Ship
– Jewelery and Stones
– Basketry
– Local Specialties: Spices, Tea, Vanilla, Rum …
– Shopping Addresses
The essential Mauritian souvenirs:
The jeweller’s
Heir to a long tradition, especially among Hindus and Muslims, the Mauritian jewelry offers many products around gold 18 or 22 carats, diamond, pearl … They can be purchased in the duty-free shop from Poncini to Port Louis, at Caunhye Bijoux in Grand Baie, and the Adama diamond shop in Floréal.
The textile
It is one of the most interesting souvenirs to bring back from Mauritius. To benefit from the most attractive prices, it is advisable to go to factory outlets in Port Louis and Caudan Waterfront, including Le Floreal Square.
The models of boats
The models of boats are known throughout the world and finely reconstructed according to the original plans, each model reserves its lot of details whatever the chosen model. Most craft shops offer them, as well as shopping malls and larger markets
Among other things you will visit the following shops:
– Glass Gallery
– Adamas
– Textile Museum
– The model ship workshop