General conditions

  1. At the time of delivery of the car your original driving license which must date at least one year before the date of hire car or an international driving license, passport and a valid credit card must be present as evidence.
  2. The tenant must commit to take care of the car which he has custody. It includes the checking of the oil level and tire pressure.
  3. The customer must ensure that the car is properly locked. Loss of vehicle keys, damage or loss of property that would be left in the car is not covered by insurance. The insurance does not cover damages caused in the external mirrors.
  4. All our cars are rented in good condition. During the rental if there is a mechanical problem or seeing an anomaly indicated on the dashboard, the client must stop the car immediately and must inform the rental company Allo Car Rental about the incident.
  5. The vehicle should not be driven by people whose names do not appear in the contract. Only authorized drivers whose names are on the contract will be covered by insurance.
  6. For the GPS, we will explain it to you how to use it properly when delivering you the car. If you have not use it properly, we will not refund you the amount.
  7. The client doesn’t have the right to smoke in the car. Upon return if there is burn on the car seat, the client will be fractured the totality of the deposit.
  8. In case of delivery to the hotel the tenant must ensure that our representative can access the main entry of the hotel.
  9. The delivery and recovery of the vehicle is free only at the airport. For delivery to the hotel or other destination, there is a travel cost of 20-30 Euro extra depending on the distance.
    If the rental at the hotel or other places is more than 12 days the delivery and recovery of the vehicle is free.
  10. The tenant has the responsibility to use appropriate fuel. Otherwise the customer will be charged all of its deposit. At recovery, the vehicle fuel must be brought back to the same amount upon delivery. Otherwise the client will be fractured for the remainder of the fuel.
  11. If the car that you book cannot be delivered. In this another car in the same category you will be delivered.
  12. The tenant is solely responsible in case of damage inside or outside the vehicle, rims, hubcaps, tires, theft or loss of keys.
  13. 20% of the total amount must be paid during booking. The payment can be made by bank transfer. Allo Car Rental does not cover the bank fees. In the case of payment by credit card a fee of 4-5% of the totality of the fracturing will be imposed.
    The balance will be paid upon the recovery of the key on delivery of the car in cash or by credit card. If the customer wants to pay the balance when booking through PayPal, a fee of 4.5% of the amount will be imposed as bank charges. The rate of change for Euro is 1 Euro = Rs 40 (MUR)
  14. If payment for the reservation is not made within 4 days; Allo Car Rental has the right to cancel the reservation.
  15. All cancellations must be made 15 days before the start of the rental and the down payment will be refunded. Allo Car Rental does not cover bank charges, transfer fees will be borne by the customer.
    If the rental is canceled less than 15 days before the start of the rental the down payment will not be refunded.
  16. If the customer decides to shorten his rental, the remaining days of the rental will not be refunded.
  17. An imprint of your credit card is taken separately for the deposit of 400 Euro and 700 Euro depending on the car category. The deposit will be returned to the recovery if there is no damage suffered by the vehicle.
  18. In case of accident the vehicle should not be used without the approval of the company.
  19. In case for car rental client whose car could not be delivered on the date stated so my reponsilibility is limit to a refund.
  20. In case for airport transfer client whose transfer could not be done on the date stated, so my responsibility is limit to a refund.
  21. In case of an accident responsible as well as for theft, we are obliged to fracture you the totality of the insurance deposit.
  22. For floods or natural disasters that occur or where the vehicle is damaged. The customer will be charged of his deposit.
  23. In case of accident, where the tenant is in a state of intoxication or in a state of drunkenness or gross negligence, the client is not covered by the insurance and will be fractured of the deposit amount.
  24. In case of accident or the car is not in a roadworthy condition or unusable, the landlord will not replace the crashed car for the remainder of the contract period. The customer will be fixed of its deposit and the remaining part of the unutilized rental days.
  25. The tenant has no right to change parts or repair the car without the permission of the car rental company.
  26. All fines or all violations of the law are the responsibility of the client during the period of the rental car.
  27. If you do not show up with the car at recovery time, you’ll be fixed of your insurance excess.
  28. When taking and return of the vehicle, the client must be present.
  29. If the vehicle is returned in bad condition or a deep cleaning is required, the client will be fractured between 10 and 20 Euro. And if there are stains on the seats the charge will be 30 Euro.